Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finders Keepers

Today, while on a mini family vaca, I went shopping in Napa Valley, CA to some really charming thrift shops where I came across this $25.00 very real Prada tote nylon yellow bag with a teddy bear on it playing baseball (picture below is the exact bag but in orange). So after much thought of if I actually needed this brand new bright yellow bag with a detachable long strap?? I decided to just get it. What the hell, it came with the certificate of authenticity and everything! I came home later that night to find it NOT available online due to its super exclusivity and at a charming price of $930.00.

Found this article in Nylong Magazine. Still prettaay in shock by this find.

Side note: My mom purchased a Lalique candle holder at the same shop (which she already has the full four piece collection of) for $90.00 and we found it on the Lalique site available for $975.00. Yes, we are super duper.