Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rachel Zoe for QVC

Most recently I was honored and appointed the very first intern for Rachel Zoe in NYC. Yippi!! Hip Hip Hooray! Right in the nic of time for New York fashion week.  So coincidentally, I get invited to Zoe's fashion show for QVC. End up going with and sitting at the show with my lovely friend/boss who also happens to be my former boss at Who What Wear. Blah blah blah long story short... read this article we all came across...

And who were these attendees? Next to me there were two young girls, one clad in head to toe Hermès. What the—? "We're here for Zoe. That's the only reason we're here," said one.
"She's glamour," said the other.
It turned out they were both Rachel Zoe interns.
But isn't Rachel Zoe, like, over, now that she is on QVC? "She's just pumping up the volume now," said the Hermès one, whose parents are rich, she admitted. Where does she herself shop? "Chanel, Hermès, Barneys. QVC for Rachel Zoe!"
Really? She was going to buy this? "The stuff is like really, really good quality," said the second intern.
Shortly after, came the moment, oh the moment. Because hopes were high for Zoe!
"We have very reasonable price points for what's being sold in there," said Jamie Falkowski. "That fur vest is so close to what Rachel's seen in everywhere, and it's $79 and it comes in three different colors. It sold out before Rachel even got on!"
Here are some of the things Rachel Zoe said for the cameras, while the salon tent's audience stared at the ceiling, now nearly three hours into the show.
* "This is a transitional piece." She was referring to her ultrasuede long sleeve wrap ($116.60). Sorry, gonesies! Sold out!
* "It's not cumbersome." She referred, of course, to her Eternity scarf ($31), which is a scarf that never stops! There is no end to this scarf. That is because it is not a scarf, per se, but a circular piece of fabric that you can wrap once, twice, or even thrice (for that bunchy look!) about your neck. And also it is transitional as well because you know how cold you get when there is air conditioning in summer, Zoe helpfully pointed out.
* "I'm very into making dressy looks casual, and casual looks dressy." This goes without saying.
* "You don't have to be famous to have these pieces."
Once the fur vests sold out, that was the end of Zoe and the audience burst into applause, except for her interns, who were too busy texting on their shattered iPhones and flirting with an Ed Westwick lookalike.
The Daily Beast:

Yes, I have the official shattered iphone and now find humor in the fact that I will not spend hundreds of dollars for the sixth time replacing it, because I am saving that money on more Hermes. Good night.

      My iphone mobile uploads at the show. I spy with my little eye, Rachel Zoe.