Monday, June 21, 2010

Coco & Igor

I just saw the newest Coco Chanel film. Coco & Igor.  In the beginning I was very turned off and was so disappointed by the selection of the actress portraying Chanel. She looked nothing like Chanel and her body language was totally off.  Everything about her bothered me until she spoke. Her voice was totally on point. Once the movie got into the second half,  I was very much intrigued by the plot, the breathless scenery, art direction, and costume. Over all, when the movie was over, I loved it. It was a great story. I wish the actress wasn't so dainty and wasn't acting like she was walking on the catwalk. Rather portraying the tomboyish physicality Coco is so infamous for. Oh well. In conclusion, see the movie if you love Chanel. My critic will only be noticed by a true fashion connoisseur.